Innovative character

The project WARBO assessed the role that water charging may have to tackle diffuse pollution from nitrates (in the Friuli plain) and salinity (in the Po Valley).  The project also tested how it integrates charging in plans for flood management, defining strategies of constructed wetlands to be implanted in the water divert channels to quality assurance.  Analyzed how to connect the reservoirs quarry with the river network and as a result of the strengthening of the ecological corridor axis river.  Finally, the project has introduced innovative methods for the characterization of sites in order to promote the essential knowledge for proper management plans. The issues addressed are common to many climatically sensitive areas bordering the Mediterranean, and the management bodies of the plants (Consortium of Leda and Tagliamento Copparo) have included the activities of charging in their management plans that will give continuity to the project.  Continuity in the activities will also be guaranteed by the research bodies involved. Most of the results are being published, and will be the subject of project activities in future programs LIFE + and Horizon 2020.