Emilia-Romagna Region

Copparo (FE) test site

The test site is located in the Emilia-Romagna Region, in the Copparo (FE) municipality, and is part of the transition zone between the Po Plains and the Po delta (eastern sector of the alluvial plain). About 50% of the territory is located below sea level (from -4 to +13 m). It is an agricultural area with low population density and the area north of Ponte S. Pietro, Copparo (FE) is characterized by intensive cultivation.
The project area extends from the Copparo municipality to the Po River, focusing the study on a pond, which serves as a reservoir and its water, suitably purified, can be injected into wells, with protocols for proper management of the recharging activity. The pond used for the research is located near the ring road of Copparo, near Via Guarda and along the Strada Provinciale 5. The Copparo (FE) municipality was chosen for being a zone vulnerable to climate changes, particularly during droughts. In the summer of 2003 there were even several distresses in the fresh water supply a significant saltwater intrusion.


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